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Adult School 

Our adult school is unique.  We have BBO Dance graded classes for adults, from a complete beginners course through to Advanced Level Ballet. 

We are one of a very few schools in the country that specialise in training Adults, and offer graded ballet examinations for adults at every level. 

We welcome adults of all ages and abilities from complete beginners to advanced dancers, in ballet, tap and contemporary dance. 

Our adults often join in the beginners class and end up staying for years, progressing through the levels and taking exams at each stage.  

We have several adults who have followed this route and are now on pointe! 

Adult students often report that the benefits of taking a dance class include; better posture, coordination, stamina, strength, flexibility and improved general sense of well being.

brighton ballet school - adult classes

Don’t take our word for it! 


Fantastic ballet school! I took classes whilst a student and had the best 3 years. Classes were very enjoyable and has a wonderful sense of fun. It was an absolute bonus being able to take graded exams of which my friends and I were always thoroughly prepared for. Since relocating to London after university, I wasn’t able to locate a class as brilliant as those I took at the B.B.S. Cheers Sonya! Loved it! Zx


Fabulous school whatever your ability. I took my first ever ballet exam at the age of *coughs 49! Really fun classes with great group of people.


When I started ballet as a 40 year old adult I assumed I would find a class in which we would just have a bit of fun and not really learn much and not be challenged. How wrong I was. At Brighton Ballet School vocational students and adults are treated the same. We are challenged to work hard, to push ourselves, to find the best of ourselves and to never accept the words “I can’t”. Taking exams is an wonderful added extra which allows us to see how far we have come in our dancing. And as well as all this – we also have fun and make new friends.
If you just want to muck around for an hour then I’d suggest other places. But if you wish to have fun, get fit and strong and unleash your inner ballet dancer then this school is for you.



Beginners Level Ballet

Our beginners class is designed as a gentle introduction to the basics of ballet. 

Suitable for any age or ability, you will learn the essential elements that make up a ballet class in a welcoming, supportive and fun environment.

The benefits of ballet class are endless including better posture, coordination, stamina, flexibility and general well being. 

It’s also a really fun, social way of exercising



Graded classes

We have graded classes in BBO Dance Syllabus for adults, from Grade 1 through to Grade 8 and Advanced Level.

We use this syllabus as a framework to teach ballet technique to the highest level. 

Classes combine a mixture of free-work, syllabus, technique and body conditioning.



The benefits of taking a ballet class are far reaching, especially for adults. 

It is an intensive form of exercise working every part of the body from the abs to the shoulders, arms, legs, ankles and feet.

It helps develop long, lean and strong muscles whilst cultivating coordination, balance, strength and flexibility. 

Combinations of movements are taught that involve jumping and leaping increase heart rate, which can improve endurance, stamina and overall cardiovascular health.

Further benefits include increased focus, concentration, determination, self discipline, and mental well being. 

Through the process of memorising movements in sequences, concentration, memory and cognitive ability are developed, increasing the ability to learn faster, all vital skills that can be used in and out of the dance studio.  

We believe there are no boundaries for adult dancers, and encourage students to progress through the levels in their own time when they are ready. 

We have many students who joined as beginners and are now taking exams at vocational level en pointe.


Tap Dance

Tap dance is a fun energetic way of exercising whilst learning about rhythms, strengthening legs, feet and ankles and improving cardiovascular fitness.

Our adult tap classes are offered at two levels, beginners and improvers and are a great, social way of exercising that always raise a sweat! 


Male Dancers

Male dancers of any age and ability are welcomed at any of our classes. 

We have had many men join us over the years progressing through the grades, taking exams and achieving remarkable goals.    


Paying your fees

Fees are payable at the point of booking in full in advance for the course you wish to take to reserve your space. 

We do offer drop in classes in all our classes except beginners adult ballet. 

You can find out more details about how to drop in to a class here.  

Fees are not transferable or refundable once booked. 

Please refer to our terms & conditions for more information.



The majority of our adult students do take exams each year, with exceptional results. 

We have a 100% pass rate, with 70% of students receiving Merit or Distinction. 

It is not compulsory for Adults to take an exam to progress to the next level, however we must feel they are ready for the next step before they can move up.


What to wear

Advice on what to wear for the class you wish to take can be found on the class details or by clicking here

For exams we require adults to purchase the Brighton Ballet School adult uniform through our School Shop (which has been agreed by BBO Dance for our school specifically for the purposes of our adults).




Still thinking about joining?

You are worth it!

It’s time to invest in you! Replenish and refresh your batteries and discover a new you.  A better, fitter happier version of yourself, that is more successful and productive in your life as a result.  

Do things differently

Fed up of following the same old boring exercise routines?  Why not try something new? Our dance classes are exciting, challenging, interactive, social experiences that will be unique to you.  

Set yourself a goal

You can get the ballerina body you’ve always wanted!  We will help you set out your fitness goals and be there to keep you on track, with fun supportive classes and tons of encouragement every step of the way.