Welcome to Brighton
Ballet School

Outstanding live online dance classes for all levels and ages. 



We offer outstanding dance classes in the heart of Brighton & Hove for all ages and abilities including adults, from beginners to advanced levels and professional/vocational training.  We teach Ballet, Tap, Contemporary, Progressing Ballet Technique (body conditioning) and ACRO in the beautiful, fully equipped Dance Studio at BHASVIC Sixth Form College.

Come and learn to dance in a fun encouraging, and friendly atmosphere.  Dance is a creative and imaginative form of movement, fostering confidence and self-awareness.  

Learning to dance encourages physical coordination, helping students of all ages to gain balance, good posture and increased flexibility.  It can strengthen student’s limbs and build their agility, and is also a fun way of exercising!



Sonya Pettigrew

Principal, Brighton Ballet School

Ballet, Tap, Acrobatic Arts

Saskia Wilson 

Classical Ballet & Coaching

Gwen Nelson

Guest Teacher – Ballet & Contemporary Dance

Zoe Epstein

Guest Teacher – Ballet


'She has truly benefited from the small classes'

‘Esther has been at Brighton Ballet school since she was 2 and a half - 12 years! She had truly benefited from the small classes and dedication of the teachers, being able to perform in shows and progress through the exam structure. The staff are lovely and create real bonds with the students, pushing them when they need it, understanding their schedules, and showing immense amounts of care love and support.’ 



'If you have even an inkling to come and try ballet, all I can say is ... do it!'

I've been with Brighton ballet school for ten years now. I had this sudden urge on my 40th birthday to dance.  Ten years after starting ballet I am now dancing in Pointe shoes which is a dream come true. And this year I danced on Pointe, on stage in the most wonderful ballet show, put together by Brighton Ballet School. That's another thing on my bucket list done!!  And now I'm probably heading towards another exam...grade 8!  Ballet has become my life. I am fitter, stronger, stand taller, am more flexible than I have ever been in my life. 
If you have even an inkling to come and try ballet, all I can say is...do it! You will find a school full of lovely people and professional and enthusiastic teachers. 
Thank you Sonya and BBS!



'The teachers are brilliant.'

Our daughter has been attending Brighton Ballet School since she was three. She still has the same love and enthusiasm for ballet and really looks forward to her lessons. The teachers are brilliant. Always supportive, positive and dedicate a lot of their time to ensuring the students get the most out of their lessons. Miss Sonya offers lots of exciting opportunities such as their summer show which enables invaluable skills for the students to gain. My most favourite part, as a parent, is the ‘watching week’ whereby you go and see the children's session once a term to see their progress and it’s amazing to see how quickly they move on! 



'I love the mix of people, abilities and ages!'

I started Brighton Ballet School in January 2019, and I loved it! Since I started we had a show to work on and lots of exiting opportunities to train! I was very lucky to take many different classes from different levels and enjoyed myself with everyone! Everyone is very thoughtful! I love the mix of people, abilities and ages! Making it such a friendly place. Sonya’s way is unique! 

Victoire Grant