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Make 2024 the year you start dancing!

Dance brings us together, as people, families, and friends.  

When we make that connection, something incredible and beautiful happens. 

We want to find people that love to dance just as much as we do! Our teachers have a passion for their subject and love sharing that with you.  So whoever you are, whatever you do, join us and take the first step in your own personal dance journey!

Come and learn to dance in a fun, encouraging and friendly atmosphere  Dance is a creative, imaginative form of movement, fostering confidence and self-awareness. 
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Hannah – Trained at Brighton Ballet School and went on to graduate from Ballet Theatre Uk

About us 

We offer outstanding dance classes in the heart of Brighton & Hove for all ages and abilities including pre-vocational coaching, advanced training and classes for adults. We specalise in teaching Ballet to a very high standard, but also love Tap, Progressing Ballet Technique (body conditioning) and Acrobatic Arts.  All our classes take place in the beautiful purpose built dance studio at BHASIC Sixth Form College. 

Learning to dance encourages physical coordination, helping students of all ages to gain balance, good posture and increased flexibility.  It can strengthen student’s limbs and build their agility.  It’s also a fun way of exercising and socialising!


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Our classes are rewarding, interactive and run every day of the week.  With something to suit every age and ability we will keep you on your toes!

Why dance? 

Taking a dance class can improve your  coordination, creativity, musicality, strength, flexibility and a general sense of well being. You will gain the grace of a swan, and stamina of an athlete, whilst feeding your creative soul.  It’s also a fun, social way of exercising!


Why choose us?

We offer small bespoke classes that give everyone the chance to dance.  Our mission is to give student’s the individual coaching they need to achieve their dancing and fitness goals in record time. Join us and free your body and mind from the stresses of daily life, learn a new skill and grow your confidence and self esteem.


Want to build your confidence, have fun and feel good, all whilst exercising?  Then this is the class for you!  Taking ballet class offers you the chance to sculpt and define your body whilst learning the grace, posture and discipline of this beautiful art form.   We believe anyone at any stage in their lives can learn these highly transferable skills, helping you not just in class but in all aspects of your life.

Stretching & Limbering

Ever wanted to get into the splits? Or do a bridge?  We can help you work towards these goals.  In this class you’ll get the chance to learn how.  

Progressing Ballet Technique 

This brilliant new body conditioning system will fast track your progress.  Specially designed to help train dancers, it is suitable for anyone wishing to gain strength, flexibility, core stability, rehabilitation and injury prevention. 



Tap Dance 

Tap dance is a fun energetic way to keep fit. We will take you from your first steps through to fully choreographed dances, whilst working up a storm of a sweat!





Our popular Acrobatics classes are open to students of all ages and abilities.  Come and learn tricks and skills in a safe controlled environment.  You will learn how to combine dance with Acrobatic skills, increasing your strength and flexibility in the process.  This fun class is the perfect compliment to your technique classes.

Vocational Training

We have 20 years of experience helping young vocational students prepare and audition for full time dance schools, including; The Royal Ballet School Associates, Elmhurst Ballet School, Central School of Ballet, Leban Conservatorie of Music & Dance, The Place Contemporary Dance School, Legat Dance Academy and Northern Ballet School. 




Here’s what our students say

“She has truly benefited from the small classes”

‘Esther has been at Brighton Ballet school since she was 2 and a half years old! She has truly benefited from the small classes and dedication of the teachers, being able to perform in shows and progress through the exam structure. The staff are lovely and create real bonds with the students, pushing them when they need it, understanding their schedules, and showing immense amounts of care love and support.”


World class

Teaching Faculty

We are priviliged to have a world-class teaching faculty ready to help you become the best, fittest, most confident version of you that you have ever been!

brighton ballet school principal teacher sonya pettigrew
Sonya Pettigrew - Principal, Teacher

Ballet, Tap, ACRO, Stretching & Limbering, Progressing Ballet Technique, Vocational & Exam Training, Audition Preparation, Pre-Pointe Work Preparation, Pre-Pointe work Assessments

Sonya is owner and Principal of Brighton Ballet School



Gwen Nelson - Faculty Teacher

Ballet, Repetoire, Exam Coaching, Vocational Coaching & Audition Preparation.