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Let’s stay safe! 

Find out what we have put in place to keep our families, students and staff safe.


A message from Sonya, Principal of Brighton Ballet School

Measures we’ve put in place to protect you! 

I am delighted to announce that we are now have reopened our studio classes again safely with strict Covid-19 social distancing measures in place.  We are still facing unprecedented and exceptional times, in which many businesses have been forced to close permanently due to the current restrictions.  I started this school over 20 years ago with an initial 12 student, and with hard work and determination grew the school into a thriving vibrant place to be with more than 180 students visiting us per week! When I think back through the years I feel overwhelmingly grateful for all the wonderful memories and inspirational people of all ages that I have been fortunate to work with up to this point.  We have been worked hard to put measures in place to keep students, their families and our staff safe in these difficult times.  It has been challenging and you may have found it does not resemble the experience you are used when attending a class with Brighton Ballet School, but I would like to reassure you that we have done everything we can to make the experience enjoyable and as rewarding as possible.

Join us for a class:

We have put strict measures in place to ensure the safety of students, their families and our staff.  Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the new restrictions outlined below before booking and attending a class with us.

Online Dance Studio continues to grow!

Our sister-school Online Dance Studio goes from strength to strength!  We now have a growing, thriving online studio that has students attending from all over the world!  We have a brand new membership that includes online dance classes as well as pre-recorded classes, tips and a huge glossary of ballet and tap steps, all with video clips accompanying the written descriptions.  We are also piloting our new ‘goal setting’ project which helps students set and reach realistic goals, with support from mentors from the teaching faculty.


What about exams?

We are finally able to have visiting examiners to our school alongside digital exams hosted by our examining board, BBO Dance.  The next exam dates are on : 

17th July – Digital Examinations 

31st July – In-person Examinations at BHASVIC


Thank you for your continued support. I would like to wish you and your family my very best wishes.


Stay safe, stay strong, keep dancing!


Use this handy guide to find out when you can and cannnot attend class. 

keeping students and staff safe during the covid-19 pandemic

Covid-19 Social Distancing Requirements 

We have implemented strict social distancing rules in accordance with the government guidelines, to ensure the least possible risk to Students and their families during the time they attend classes with us. We would ask that you read through the following actions we will be taking to protect the safety of all our students and their families, and adhere to them.  A full risk assessment has been conducted by an outside specialist agency which is available upon request. 

These requirements have also been included in the new updated Terms & Conditions, therefore anyone found not complying with these requirements will be asked to leave the class immediately.  

Book and pay in advance 

Spaces will be reduced and limited due to the size of the studio and social distancing requirements set out in the government guidelines.  Each student will be expected to pre-register and book their space on line via the website before attending class.  We will need your name, address, telephone number, an emergency contact number, date of birth and information about any pre-existing medical conditions you may have.  In the event that you or someone in the school contracts Covid-19 we may be required by law to share this information with the governments track and trace service.  We will always endeavour to notify you in this situation.      

Sanitising you and your child's hands

We will require all students to use hand sanitiser upon arriving at the building, and then again upon entering the studio.  After class you are encouraged to sanitise your hands upon leaving.  Hand sanitiser will also be available in the classroom to use as necessary. 

Do not attend if you feel unwell

We must all do our part to ensure the well being of everyone in our school therefore please do not attend class if you, or anyone in your household has any of the symptoms of Covid-19, have been abroad, or been in contact with anyone suspected of having Covid-19.   We are obligated to ask you if you have had any symptoms upon your arrival to the studio.  If you are a parent or guardian accompanying a child that is a minor (under the age of 16 years of age) you will need to answer the questions about their health on their behalf.


What if I feel unwell, or display Covid-19 symptoms during class?

If a student becomes unwell during a class and displays Covid-19 symptoms we will be obligated to notify BHASVIC College immediately.  We are also required to stop the class immediately and send everyone home.  Furthermore we will not be permitted to run any further classes until the studio and sports centre have been deep cleaned.  These are part of our terms of hire and therefore beyond our control.  It is essential that we have an emergency contact number for each student attending (even if they are an adult) so that we can deal with any situation that arrises.  

No Changing Facilities

Please ensure you come to class changed and ready to dance.  You will not be permitted to bring any personal items into the classroom such as bags.  If you do need to bring something into the classroom such as tap shoes, bags, coats etc, we ask that you put them into one of the personal belongings plastic boxes available upon your arrival at the building and then leave the box at the bottom of the fire escape upon leaving.  

Separate Entry and Exit 

To ensure the minimum congestion through the building, there will only be one entrance through the main doors to the sports hall, and one exit via the fire escape.  

No parents allowed into the building

Following government guidelines, no parents, guardians or friends will be permitted to enter the building to accompany a student to their class.  Students must be dropped off at the door to BHASVIC sports hall, and collected at the base of fire escape stairs.  Children aged 5 and under are allowed one parent to accompany their child into the class as long as they observe social distancing and wear a face covering at all times.  Please ensure you observe a 2 meter distance when waiting to drop off or collect students.  

Arrive on time and collect promptly

To ensure the saftey and well being of all students it is absolutely essential that parents arrive on time for class and collect their child promptly.  We do not have any capacity to look after children other than during their class time so it is essential that the timetable is strictly adhered to.  

Do I need to wear a mask in class?

YES!  You are required to bring a mask with you and wear it in all shared spaces.  You do not have to wear it in class whilst you are maintaining a 2 meter social distance from others in the class and the teacher.

Students required to dance in socially distanced boxes

2 meter boxes are taped out on the dance floor with 1 meter spaces between each student's box, and a 1 meter walk way through the studio to ensure maximum safety for everyone taking part.  Students 6 years old and over or in Grade 1 Ballet upwards will be required to dance only in the box that the teacher places them in at the beginning of class.  Students are not permitted to cross anyone else's box, enter the teacher's box at the front of the class, or change box at any point during the class. Children aged 5 and under are not required to socially distance in class, however parents/guardians accompanying these children will be expected to socially distance from other children and parents/guardians attending.

When entering and leaving the class all students, parents and staff must maintain social distance of 2 meters at all times.  Please ensure you enter and exit the studio one by one and maintain this social distance.  

Props and toys

We will not be using any props or toys that are made of material as these cannot be sanitised in between groups.  We will be using hard objects such as wands, crowns/tiaras, tambourines, and musical instruments which will be put directly into a 'used' box and cleaned before the next group uses them.  We will also be offering students attending our Pre-Primary Ballet Class the opportunity to purchase their own set of props that we will be using in class so that they can ensure they are clean and contact free.

No Drop-in Spaces

We will no longer be able to offer a drop in class card service in any of our classes due to the current Covid-19 pandemic.  

Maximum Ventilation 

We are required to have all windows in the studio open so that fresh air can circulate through the space and will be using the air conditioning systme at all times to ensure air flow.  

Increased Cleaning 

BHASVIC sixth form college will be deep cleaning the sports hall and studio before and after each group that uses the facilities.  We will also be undertaking cleaning with 80% medical grade ethanol wipes, all touch points such as doors, light switches, sanitiser stations, toilets, floors, props and equiptment inbetween each group.  

BBS only toilet facilities

BBS students will have sole use of the toilet facilities located outside the dance studio.  We request that students ONLY use these toilets marked for our use to try and stop cross contamination between groups using the sports centre.  We will also be cleaning them thoroughly inbetween classes so can only guarantee these facilities. 

No bare feet please!

Please can you ensure that Students are wearing either ballet shoes, tap shoes or socks with grips for Acro.  We are not permitted to allow students to use the studio with bare feet.  

What happens if the studio is forced to closed? 

In the event the studio is forced to closed down for whatever reason including another nationwide lockdown, localised outbreak, contamination or infection risk at BHASVIC sixth for college, or contamination or infection within BBS we will resort to providing online classes for the duration that the studio is closed.  We will unfortunately not be able to offer any refunds in this situation.

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