Online Dance Studio 

Live online dance classes are suitable for 3 year olds to Adults in Ballet, Tap, Acrobatics & Progressing Ballet Technique.

Our dance classes on line


Our classes are unique in that each student will receive live coaching and feedback by our range of qualified teaching staff.


We offer a full range of online, live dance and body conditioning classes for children and adults.  Please see below for the subscription packages we offer and a guide to getting on line and starting your classes with us.


Teaching through Zoom 

Our classes are taught through the online conferencing package called Zoom.  You will need to download onto your device before you can attend a class.  Do this by clicking here. It is free to download and use and will work on any smart phone, ipad or desktop computer.

Once your subscription or class fee has been received you will be sent a link that will allow you access to our virtual studio. Just click on the link at the set time of your class to join us! 


Frequently Asked Questions

What will I need to take part? 

  • Approximately 2 meter x 2 meter of space clear of obstructions, animals and small children.
  • A chair or similar surface to hang onto for ‘barre’ work.
  • Download Zoom before your class. 
  • A monthly or four months subscription, or drop in class 


What should I wear? 

We would ask that you wear what you would normally wear for the class you are taking, i.e.

Ballet; ballet tights, leotard, ballet shoes, hair tied back

Acro; leggings/shorts, tee-shirt, bare feet, hair tied back

Tap; either leotard and tights or leggings and a tee-shirt, tap shoes (or sturdy shoes with a slight heel)

PBT; leggings or tracksuit bottoms that you can pull up to your knee, tee-shirt, bare feet


Will my Parent or Guardian need to be present? 

We ask that for children aged 3 – 13 years that their parent is present during their classes.  This is especially important when students are attending Acrobatic Arts classes.


Do I have to have my camera on my device?

No!  You can choose whether you would like to have your camera on or not.  If you do not we will not be able to see you and coach you.  If you do have your camera on the other students will be able to see you.  Some classes this may just be at the start, whereas others they may be able to see you all the way through.  Please let the teacher know if you do not want to be able to be seen by the other students when you join a class.


Will classes be recorded? 

Yes.  Classes will be recorded by the teacher, so that they can be viewed again via our members only Facebook group.  Replay videos will only every be shared in the Facebook members group.  Please let us know if you would prefer this not to happen.


Can my Parents, Friends, Guardians, Grandparents watch the class? 

No!  We can only grant permission for friends and family to watch your class in special circumstances and only if you write to ask the Principal of the school for permission in advance of you/your child’s class.




Our inscriptions include the following:


  • Access to all classes on our timetable including Ballet, ACRO, PBT, Tap, cardio and strength, limbering and stretching.
  • Additional resources which will be made available to you upon completion of your subscription such activity sheets, timetables of what’s on, information sheets including stretches and workouts that you can do at home. Please note that baby ballet activity packs are not included in this price and will be available for purchase via the website.
  • Access to a private Facebook group where additional resources will be posted including replay of our classes so you can watch again.
  • Guest workshops are not included in this price.  These will be available on an ad-hoc basis and be charged in addition to your subscription fees, however a 20% discounts is available for those with paid subscriptions.
  • Private or coaching classes are not included in subscription fees.  A nominal charge will be requested in the event a student wishes to book a private class.
  • We ask that if more than one of you will be attending per household that you purchase add-ons per student attending at a cost of £8 per student.
  • Please ensure you familiarise yourself with our Health & Safety policy & Recommendations regarding online classes before you sign up for a subscription or class.


 (April – July)

£92.50 (Children aged 3 – 12 years), £104.50 (Teen/Adult school)

You can pay your fees up front in advance for the April – July summer term. This will be a one-off payment of £92.50 (children aged 3 – 12 who usually take their classes on Saturdays), or £104.50 (teen/adult school), a saving of £15.50 on the monthly overall subscription rate.  Students will gain access to all the benefits above as well as having the opportunity of booking a 1 hour private class once a month.



£27.00 (Children aged 3  – 12 years), £30.00 (Teen/Adult School) 

You can also join on a monthly subscription at a cost of £27.00 (Children aged 3 – 12 who usually take their classes on Saturdays) or  £30.00 (teen/adult school) per month. This subscription will give you access to everything outlined above and be charged on a monthly basis. Please note that subscription fees will be due on the 1st of each month and that no part refunds will be able to be offered if you decide to change your mind during the course of the month you are subscribed.



£10.00 monthly subscription per additional student 

£30.00 four months subscription per additional student

If you have more than one person in your household that would like to subscribe to our classes please purchase one of our add-on’s to cover their attendance.  You can purchase add-ons either on a monthly basis or a four monthly basis.  


Drop in Classes

£9.50 per student

There is also the option to drop in to the majority of our classes.  Please click here to check out our drop in schedule