What to wear


Children’s BBO Exam Uniform


Pre-Primary - Primary

BBO Pink leotard with attached skirt

Pink wrap around cardigan

Pink tights or ballet socks

Pink ballet shoes with elastic

Grade 1 - 3

BBO Lavender leotard

Pink ballet tights

Pink ballet shoes (with ribbons for exams)

Grade 4 - 5

BBO Burgundy Leotard

Pink ballet tights

Pink Ballet shoes (with ribbons for exams)

Demi-pointe shoes in Grade 5

Grade 6 - 8

BBO Black Leotard (2 styles)

Optional BBO chiffon skirt Pink ballet tights

Demi-pointe & soft ballet shoes

Intermediate Foundation

BBO Black Leotard (2 styles)

Optional BBO chiffon skirt Pink ballet tights

Demi-pointe ballet shoes

Pointe shoes


BBO Black Leotard (2 styles)

Optional BBO chiffon skirt Pink ballet tights

Demi-pointe ballet shoes

Pointe shoes

Advanced 1

BBO Black Leotard (2 styles)

Optional BBO chiffon skirt

Pink ballet tights

Advanced 2

Please speak to school for information.


White t-shirt or male leotard

Black dance shorts or tights

White socks

White or black ballet shoes

Adult’s Uniform


(Leotards & Skirts must be ordered through the school)

Black 3/4 length leotard

Black chiffon skirt

Pink ballet tights

Pink ballet shoes

Hair tied back, preferably in a bun. 


Black full length male tights

Dance support

White fitted t-shirt or male leotard

White or black socks

Black ballet shoes

How to order :

BBO leotards, BBS uniforms, tights, male tights, and soft ballet shoes:

Sonya Pettigrew

07595 303 180

Demi-pointe and pointe

Linda Reid Lobatto



The School Uniform

It is essential that students arrive for class suitably dressed in the appropriate uniform for the class they are about to take.  An important part of the discipline needed for ballet training  involves arriving ready for classes with tidy hair and clean uniform.  Please make sure you read the following information before attending a class.   

Brighton Ballet School - School Supply Shop

We supply :

Leotards (exam and other)

Male uniform

Shoes, (ballet & tap)



A range of BBS merchandise (including bags, t-shirts, sweatshirts etc.)

Opening times :

Saturday 9.30 - 13.00   (School term times only)

Located at : BHASVIC Sixth Form Dance Studio located in the Sports Centre

Children’s Uniform

A new uniform is now available for the children’s school as follows :

Pre-Primary/Primary Ballet & Tap


Pink BBO leotard with skirt attached,

Pink ballet tights or socks

Pink ballet shoes,

Black Tap shoes

(Pink ballet-wrap around also available)


Black ballet shorts

White fitted ballet t-shirt

White ballet socks

Black Ballet shoes

Grade 1 - Advanced

Girls :

Burgundy Leotard & matching waist band


BBO Exam leotard

Pink ballet tights

Pink ballet shoes. 

Boys :

Black ballet tights

Fitted white ballet t-shirt

White ballet socks

Black ballet shoes

  1. 1.Please ensure your child has the correct leotard obtained from the school before commencing classes.

  2. 2.School uniform must be purchased through the school shop.

Adult Uniform

We have been given permission by the BBO to use the adult uniform for exam purposes.  All adult students will need to be wearing the uniform throughout the school for this to continue. Therefore it is essential for students to purchase uniforms exclusively through the school. 

Beginners Adult Ballet

For Beginners Level 1 & 2 Courses students should wear comfortable clothing that is not too lose such as leggings, T-shirt and socks to protect your feet.  We advise that you do not spend money on ballet shoes or outfit until you are sure you would like to continue with the classes.

Contemporary Dance & Tap Dance

Please either wear your BBS leotard and tights, or a BBS T-Shirt (available from the school shop) and black leggings.  You can either wear bare feet or  ballet shoes during contemporary classes.  Tap shoes can be purchased through the school shop at very reasonable prices. 

Pointe Shoes & Ballet Shoes

Soft ballet shoes are suitable for students taking classes from Beginners through to Grade 4.  In Grade 5 demi-pointe shoes are worn to help strengthen the dancer’s feet in preparation for pointe work.  Demi-pointe shoes and pointe shoes are required for all the higher level classes. 

Starting pointe work is a big decision, one that is taken after lengthy discussions with the teacher, parents and student.  Certain criteria has to be met before any student can begin pointe work.  A minimum of two classes a week must be attended and the student will have been working in demi-pointe shoes for some time before the student can continue on to do pointe work.  Please note, all students must undergo a full assessment before starting point work or taking a pointe work class.  Book a pointe work assessment via the self-service booking system by clicking here.

We are extremely fortunate to work closely with Linda Reid-Lobatto, stockiest and professional pointe shoe fitter for Grishko.  Linda fits and supplies soft ballet shoe for students throughout the school, along with demi and pointe shoes.  Linda will assess at the strength of the student’s feet and current pointe shoes, and then make recommendations and discuss the matter closely with the student’s teacher.  

Health and Safety

Hair and Jewellery - Girls hair must be neatly tied back in a bun using pins and a net.  No jewellery is allowed to be worn including, rings, earrings, toe-rings, necklaces, bangles and watches. 

Chewing-gum - Do not come into class chewing gum, this poses a significant choking risk to yourself.

Glasses - If at all possible, the wearing of contact lenses is strongly recommended as glasses can fly off a dancer’s face and cause a hazard for themselves and other students.  If contact lenses are not an option for you then please do explore other safety measures. 

Previous injuries - It is very important that on your arrival please make the teacher aware of any previous or existing injuries you may be suffering from before the class begins.

Make sure you arrive on time for class - It is important to arrive at least 10 - 15 minutes before your class is to begin so that you can get changed in time for the class to start.  If you do arrive late you may be asked to sit out and watch as you may be too late to join in.