Paying your fees


Next Fee’s Due - Dates:


30th March 2019


30th March 2019

Student Discounted Rates

Student discounted rates are offered to anyone aged 16 years of age or younger, is studying in full-time education and/or have a valid student NUS card.  Please refer to Terms & Conditions for more information.

Please remember to bring your NUS card with you to receive your discount.

Brighton Ballet School reserves the right to refuse student discounted rates to anyone they suspect is not in full-time education and may request further evidence in these circumstances. 

How to pay 

Fees can be paid by:



BACS/Bank Transfer

Credit Card


Paying your fees

Fees are calculated either by the half term, usually 6 or 7 weeks  for adult classes and termly for the children’s school. 

Important information about paying your fees:

  1.   New Students to the school must pay their fees in full at least 5 days prior to the start of your course.

  2.   Existing students who already attend classes are required to pay their fees at least 2 weeks prior to the end of the current course or half/term that they are attending, please refer to your invoice for the date that your fees are due. 

Please note - Failure to pay fees within the given time may result in a late payment fee being applied to your account of £10. 

In signing up for a class you are committed to paying for the entire course of lessons, including those that you cannot make.  Unfortunately no reimbursement can be offered for absence from class, including sickness, bereavement, and holiday. Missed classes cannot be made up at a later/alternative date.  

If you are having difficulty paying your fees please get in touch with the office to discuss the matter.

How to pay


  1. 1.Please make cheques payable to Brighton Ballet School.

  2. 2.Please ensure student’s name, class and invoice number is clearly marked on the reverse of all cheques.

  3. 3.We cannot accept cheques for sums under £5.


Cash payments can be made by direct deposit via any branch of Royal Bank of Scotland.  Account details are available on the invoice you will receive once you have registered via the on-line booking system. 

Credit Card

  1. 1.Credit Card payments are made through either PayPal or our point of sale card reader service.

  2. 2.If paying by Paypal you will be invoiced directly via Brighton Ballet School’s PayPal account, therefore you do not need a PayPal account of your own).

  3. 3.We cannot accept card payments for sums under £5.

BACS Payments & Bank Transfer

  1. 1.Fees can be paid by BACS via internet banking or telephone banking.  Brighton Ballet School account details are available when making a booking. 

  2. 2.Please ensure that the students name, class they wish to take and/or invoice number are used as reference when paying by BACS. 

  3. 3.We cannot accept cheques for sums under £5.




  1. 1.On completion of an online booking form registrant is making a sale with Brighton Ballet School, agreeing to pay the fees in full in advance for the course they wish to take.

  2. 2.All sales are final.  No refunds are offered under any circumstances, including sickness, bereavement, or absence for any reason.  We no longer offer any cancellation policy or a satisfaction guarantee at Brighton Ballet School. 

  3. 3.Spaces cannot be transferred, deferred, rescheduled or made-up in any way at a later date.

  4. 4.Please refer to the full Terms & Conditions of Brighton Ballet School for more information before making your booking. 

  5. 5.Fees must be paid in full within 5 days of completing the online registration form to avoid LPC charges accruing on your account.

  6. 6.Drop-in card package users cannot use their existing packages to book any classes other than those they can book via the on-line drop-in booking system.

  7. 7. Students wishing to claim a student discount on their fees must provide evidence that they are in full-time education (a minimum of 21 hours face-to-face tuition) such as a valid NUS card.

  8. 8. Existing Students must pay their fees at least 2 weeks prior to the end of their current course to avoid LPC fees of £10 being added to their account.