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We believe there is really no age limit to starting ballet. 

Our adults students benefit from better posture, increased flexibility and general sense of well being.  It is also a rewarding and fun way of keeping fit!  Brighton Ballet School offers adults a range of classes in British Ballet Organisation Syllabus Classical Ballet and Tap from beginner through to advanced level and pointe work.  The majority of our adult students like to take an exam in the level they are studying approximately once a year, however this is is not compulsory! 

So whether you are a complete beginner or someone who has taken some ballet before as a child or adult, we have a class that will suit your needs and ability. 


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30th March 2019

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3rd September – 20th October 2018 (7 weeks)

5th November – 15th December 2018 (6 weeks)

7th January – 16th February 2019

29th April – 25th May 2019

3rd June – 27th July 2019

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6th October 2018

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1st December 2018 (Children’s School)

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8th December 2018

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If you are having trouble paying fees please get in touch with the Principal to discuss the matter.

Finding the right class for you

We have many students that enjoyed ballet as a child and successfully return to it as an adult and many that have had no experience at all.  For those with some previous experience it is important that before attending you discuss with us what your previous ballet training involved.  We will endeavor to find you a class that will suit your ability, taking into consideration the level of your last ballet class, and how long it has been since you took class.  These will help us to identify which level will be right for you.  We always recommend that adult students return to a lower level than they were previously taking, enabling them to get back into shape safely without the risk of injury. 

Beginner Ballet Level 1 & 2 Courses

There are two Beginner Level Course for adults each usually running for a total of 7 or 8  weeks.  Most of our adults come to Beginners Level courses with little or no experience of ballet and by the end of the course have fallen in love with it.  I can guarantee you will be amazed by what you can achieve in such a short time!

Beginner Ballet Level 1 caters for adults  who are complete beginners.  Your first class begins with some gentle exercises on the floor to help your body prepare for dancing, then continues with some ‘barre’ exercises that help to strengthen the feet called Tendu’s.  We progress on to ‘Centre Work’ which involves arm and leg coordination and then some gentle aerobic dancing.  The class finishes with a ‘Reverence’ which is like an elaborate curtsey or bow and a way of saying thank you. Completion of this course guarantees you a space on the Beginner Level 2 course. 

Beginner Ballet Level 2 builds on the techniques learnt in the first course and prepares students for Grade 1 of the BBO Syllabus. This course aims to teach the essential components of ballet technique; plies, tendus, glisses, port de bras, sautes, and glissades.  It also expands on the complexity of steps that the student will learn with a greater focus on traveling steps. 

Tap Dance - Beginners Level

Tap is a fun, exciting way of keeping fit and learning a new dance discipline. This class is suitable for adults who have little or no previous experience in Tap Dance.  Students will follow a fun programme, learning the basic movements that make up a Tap Dance class.  Adults wishing to take their exams in this discipline can train towards this over a series of courses. 

Tap Dance - Improvers Level

This class is suitable for students who have taken tap before, either as a child or in their adult years and know the basics of Tap technique and steps.  Students will follow a structured barre for technique and centre work including time step combinations.  Each term a new dance will be learnt and opportunities for examinations and/or performances will be available to those adults who are wishing to take part in these opportunities. 


We are very fortunate to be able to offer the possibility for adults to take their ballet and tap exams through the British Ballet Organisation.  Working towards taking an exam in the level you are studying is an excellent and rewarding way of improving your technique.  Students find that the extra work involved in preparing for exams is challenging but highly enjoyable.  The final exam is taken in small groups of 3 or 4 and friendships are often forged and strengthened through the process.  Usually the whole school takes their exam on the same day, finishing with a celebratory meal to celebrate.

A note about the school uniform.  We have been given special permission from the BBO for our adult students to be examined in the school’s adult uniform, (the BBO uniform does not come in adult sizes until Intermediate Foundation level.)  Therefore all students who want to be entered for exams must be wearing the correct school uniform purchased from the school for this to continue.

What to wear to your first class

For your first class we recommend you wear comfortable fitted clothing such as leggings, T-shirt and socks to protect your feet. We advise that you do not spend money on ballet shoes or outfit until you are sure you would like to continue with classes.  If you are attending either of the Beginner Level 1 or 2 courses you will not need to purchase the school uniform until you have graduated on to Grade 1. 

From Grade 1 onwards adult students are strongly encouraged to purchase the school uniform.  It is essential that students arrive suitably dressed for the class they are about to take.  This ensures that the teachers are complying with the guidelines set out in their personal insurance documents regarding the safety of their students.   Teachers reserve the right to refuse a student if they feel that the student is not suitably dressed for the class they are taking. 

Booking for February 2018- NOW OPEN

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To make a booking click on the link below and create open an account on the self-service booking system.  Click on REGISTRATIONS located to the left hand side of the page to see all the classes & courses available. This will take you to the on-line booking form, where you can register for that class. You can also buy drop in cards here for most of the adult classes.  class you are interested in from the list below.  

Bookings can also be made over the telephone by calling Brighton Ballet School, or by completing a booking form in person which can be obtained directly from the school. 



Beginners Adult/Teen Ballet

Grade 2 Ballet

Grade 3-5 Ballet (rehearsal class)

Grade 4+ free-work ballet

Grade 6/Intermediate Foundation Ballet (Monday)

Intermediate Foundation Ballet (10 - 16 year olds) (Wednesday)

Grade 6/Intermediate Foundation Ballet (Thursday)

Advanced Ballet (Monday)

Advanced Ballet (Friday)

Contemporary Dance

Tap Dance - please  call office for more info

Adult/Teen Tap Dance - Grade 4+

Beginners Adult Tap - please email us for more information.

Please note - Acceptance on a course is only guaranteed once  Student’s fees have been received in full.

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